The Bootcamp Enrollment Program Blueprint 
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The Bootcamp EP Blueprint
The Enrollment Program That Brought In 38 New Athletes in 1 Day...

Using a Bootcamp as an Enrollment Program Case Study

Last October, we launched a bootcamp at our gym as a way to introduce CrossFit methodology to people who may have never considered CrossFit. We started the program out a large insurance company that we have a corporate agreement with. The program was open enrollment and people could get started anytime. Initially it took off, but ended up slowing down so we pivoted to a 6 week bootcamp.

We set a launch date of 3 weeks out for our Enrollment/Kickoff Day and began emailing our list and using facebook ads to drive traffic to our website. We initially launched the bootcamp during our slowest class time at 7pm , but had a lot of sign-ups so decided to offer another at 5am. By Enrollment Day, we had 26 people signed up at $200/each. About halfway through the program, we had an invite a friend day that brought in ~20 new leads for our next bootcamp. We just finished our Graduation Day last week and our members had some amazing success.

In the six weeks, our graduates averaged a 23% increase in their squat test, a 45% increase in their push-up test, a 23% increase in their burpee test and a 27.5% decrease in their baseline time. And some amazing before and after photos.

Of those 26 people, 15 are coming back for our next bootcamp, 6 joined our CrossFit Program, 4 people didn't return. Our next bootcamp brought in 38 sign-ups and we added another class at 12:00 pm. Midway through the first program, we were contacted by a large hospital that wanted to offer a bootcamp as a wellness program. We enrolled 8 in our first program there. Needless to say, our bootcamp opened a lot of doors.

If you're thinking about adding a bootcamp to diversify your program, I highly recommend it. You'll reach people who would/may have never considered CrossFit.

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